Connectedness… Why? How?

October is Connected Educator Month!

I have never been involved in something like this before. Professional Development 24/7!

Needed to reflect…

why is being connected important?

With changes in our views of what knowledge is and current thinking around pedagogy being connected means I can LISTEN to others’ perspectives and reflections, I can JOIN conversations with educators on a global level, I get an OPPORTUNITY to ask questions I have, and I have a platform to SHARE my own reflections and learning. I can keep up with current thinking. I can adapt my expertise as I learn more.

Being connected through Twitter has broken down the walls of my living room. I have ‘met’ so many educators willing to discuss learning, answer questions, and share resources. My Twitter PLN are ALWAYS positive and caring. I have joined VLN groups to discuss more specific questions regarding education and to connect with others on a more local level.

Being a connected classroom via Kidblogs, Tackk and Mystery skyping has opened my learners to the world! Some of them find it a bit daunting while others have embraced it all. Using Kidblogs enables them an audience other than me. The Mystery Tackk has been another platform for the giving and receiving of clues. The Mystery Skyping is that ‘live’ connecting which my learners have LOVED with vigour!  I have discovered teachers keen to link our students via #kidsedchatnz #kidsbookchat #msmathstory, not to mention the fun we have had Mystery Tweeting 2 classes… a slow process but so much fun deciphering the clues!

Being connected is like being in a ‘virtual staffroom’…I can access whenever I want to. It is exciting.


how do we create a culture of connectedness at Tamatea Intermediate?

This is the question which faces me me now. How can I create a culture of connectedness at School? How can I share the excitement which comes from being connected?

Having asked this question during the Webinar today…the answer which came back was to


Share through modelling, co-teaching, co-planning, observing, and reflecting.


I will share… as I always have… but I will INSIST on sharing now…

So far I have:

  • helped three colleagues connect on Twitter… next step to help them involve themselves in TwitterChats.

  • collaborated with a colleague to join Edmodo as a classroom tool for initiating online learning AND for the Global Read Aloud

  • encouraged and helped a colleague create Kidblogs for her class

  • shared numerous posts, websites, other connections  and initiated staff discussions via Google+

I have created a Bundlr to keep all my CEM ‘stuff’. Bundlr is new to me… and I love it! My intention will be to share some of what I have been involved in during CEM at staff meetings/Year group meetings with the hope my colleagues will feel the vibe and excitement and ask me questions or help to get them connected.

For myself… I have earned 2 Connected Educator badges so far… funny how a reward can make you feel good!


Feels good to have reflected on CONNECTEDNESS too… now back to my Assignment!



One thought on “Connectedness… Why? How?

  1. Cheri Gallagher says:

    What a cool blog Kerri – thank you for your eagerness to share your passion – your willingness to help me become part of the Kidsblog and Twitter worlds has certainly broadened mine and my classrooms horizons – on-wards and upwards!


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