2016 #oneword


Pursuing Punk

With 2016 upon us and holidays in full swing (and a cloudy, coolish day which we have already made good use of by nearly completing the foundations for our garden shed!) … what better time to start thinking about what my goal is for the coming year in the classroom and as a school – my #oneword.

My initial thought was to select the word ‘flourish’ for my #oneword as I am hoping to grow modern pedagogy in my school…the idea of LearningMYway blooming, blossoming, and thriving fit with my vision of a learning ecosystem where, as @CherylDoig describes, is fit for purpose, adaptive, agile, complex, and contextual. Where change is constant and ‘increasingly disruptive’.

BUT I decided flourish was too fluffy.

What it is I am going to focus on this year is all of the things above – but with a punk attitude!


(yeah yeah – it is #twowords – but too bad – that is the punk in me!!)

Pursuing Punk will see me doing these things…

  1. Activating demand for disruption by sharing as often as people want to hear it and see it. ‘Grow the tribe’ by pulling not pushing (@CherylDoig)
  2. Encouraging my colleagues to re-imagine – to look for ways of doing things differently and from this use our collaborative expertise to reduce in-school variance in student learning – my aspirational purpose.
  3. Amplify LearningMYway by creating wall displays, sharing student voice, supporting those who have already got on the waka to continue Pursuing Punk, and hopefully as a result augment the pedagogy and get more teachers changing the way we have always done things so progress is equitable.
  4. Continue to cultivate a PUNK ATTITUDE in my learners (many who have chosen to move through to Year 8 with me). Remind them that taking risks, making mistakes, and getting into the pit regularly is Punk Learning.
  5. Support my new learners (and have my already punk learners help me support the newbies) to unthink and rethink what learning is and how they see themselves as learners. Get them taking risks, making mistakes, and getting into and out of the pit regularly.


NOW… go kick over some bins and get PUNK!

(chur to @totallywired for sharing PUNK)





8 thoughts on “2016 #oneword

  1. Jo Smith says:

    Love the quote Kerri. This looks like a goal that will not only have great impact for your class of learners but also for our entire school. Really keen to work with you on some of this.


    1. Kerri says:

      The quote says it all for me… they are why we do what we do:) I am really looking forward to working with someone to ‘activate demand’ and realise that ‘collaborative expertise’ is the way forward:)


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