Cracked it!

We all hear it and we all know it …

real learning will not happen until the RELATIONSHIPS are built … “kids don’t learn from people they don’t like”.

Everything hinges upon that connection we make and the relationship we build with our learners … all 30 of them.

For me in my class it comes down to giving TIME for this to happen. We are lucky in the Primary sector that we are not bound by a tight timetable … thanks goodness because it is the TIME I have given over to really getting to know my kids AND creating that culture of support and care and that we are ALL important which has inspired me to share this moment.

As the title of the post suggests … I have cracked it!

It has taken 10 weeks of patiently waiting for one of my kids to feel safe enough and confident enough to actually initiate a conversation with me … to ask for help … to okay his learning … to ask about his learning … and to share personal stories.

A major breakthrough for this learner who has struggled with trust, does not see himself as a learner, and certainly did not see teachers as people worthy of having a chat to and sharing anything with.

It is these moments that reinforce to me why I am doing what I am doing. The time spent cultivating Growth Mindsets, encouraging learners to see themselves as experts too, ensuring they know that we don’t do easy in theONE6 … that the learning pit is the place to be! These are our mantras…


It also justifies a zillion times why some mornings we are still chatting until the 2nd period bell rings out across the school! Their voice is important.

Those damn bells remind me about what I SHOULD be doing! But I often say to myself … “well at this moment in time, what is important is that my kids get THEIR chance to share THEIR story.”



Have you had moments when you know you have ‘cracked it’ with a learner?


3 thoughts on “Cracked it!

  1. Elisa says:

    Nice one Kerri – Sound advice I hope I can make this a priority and build successful positive relationships with my future students. Chur!!


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