#oneword Reflection

A timely reminder on my Twitter stream tonight…

So while taking a break from sorting out some stuff for the beginning of the Term I thought I would write down a few reflections.

“Pursuing Punk” was my #oneword … like I said in the initial post (yeah yeah – it is #twowords – but too bad – that is the punk in me!!)

My first aim was to ‘activate demand for disruption’.

By the end of Term 1, whether this was my doing or not, activation has taken place! There are a number of colleagues looking to change things up and move away from ways we have always done things. Some examples are: more colleagues venturing into using #NZreadaloud in the programme, teachers choosing to join Twitter – personally and with class accounts, more interest in collaboration and sharing, and 11 staff attending #gafesummit Wellington.

My second aim was to encourage ‘collaborative expertise’.

I have seen some movement in the right direction with teachers sharing more freely. There is a developing vibe that we can all be learners and we all have something to share. Having initiated a Book Chat using Innovator’s Mindset by George Couros to encourage some collaborative learning amongst staff there are six teachers, one teacher aide, and our Behaviour / Home Liason staff member … so there is some momentum for moving forward together with a similar mindset.

My 3rd aim was to ‘amplify LearningMYway’. 

This has been successful too. I have created a permanent visual display, I created a ‘support plan’ for teachers which many are using, and I have shared plenty of student voice via our class blog and our Google+ Community. There is some positive movement towards ‘Punk Learning’.

My 4th aim was to ‘continue to cultivate a Punk Attitude’ in my returning learners. 

This has been evident from Day 1. Having put it out there to parents that I would love to continue to work alongside their children as they move to Year 8, I had 16 who decided to stay with me. These kids are flying … they are used to the different way we do things and now see it as the way it should be. Their Punk Attitude has been helpful when sharing the way it is in our class with the new kids. 

My final aim was to ‘support my new learners to get punk’.

This would be the one which is taking longer than some of the others – the progress not so rapid. BUT THAT IS OK. These kids have had 7 years of traditional classrooms and it takes longer than one Term to change mindsets and attitudes these kids have about themselves as learners. However, in saying that … i have blogged about two incidents this one here AND this one here which have impacted on me so far during Term 1.

I consider these HUGE steps towards changing the mindset of these learners. 

To conclude… things are ticking along.

My colleagues are learning that change MUST happen. That as uncomfortable as it is … we owe it to the kids. Understanding is developing that we all have expertise to share and there is a culture building where this is able to be done. We are beginning to de-privatise. We have a Google Classroom and a Google+ Community where we can share and discuss and I will continue to model what collaboration looks like. The Book Chat will be another platform where we can develop innovators mindsets collaboratively. LearningMYway (just a name I gave to our school’s Innovative Pedagogy) is seeping out into other classrooms. Teachers are aware that it doesn’t have to look the same in every classroom but giving over SOME choice and control to the kids is empowering – for everyone involved. I have let colleagues know that they are more than welcome to visit my classroom any time to talk to the kids and see what we do.

Punk Attitudes are alive and well in ‘theONE6’. We are having a blast in my classroom.

I will continue to experiment and reflect and then take further action!

We are on a wonderful journey of ‘beautiful disruption’ – and it feels good and I love going to my class everyday!


please give me some feedback

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