Practising what I Preach

Okay … so the challenge went out a couple of weeks ago. After many of us attending the #GAFE Summit in Wellington and being inspired by the ‘demo slam’ at the conclusion of the Summit we decided it a great way for us to share.

So a staff demo slam was put on the agenda. Share something we have found useful in class to engage kids in their learning – 3 minutes!

So I thought … yep, I can take up that challenge. I had been using a cool little platform called to connect my kids with kids in other classrooms around the country. What better thing to share with my colleagues to show them how easy it is to flatten the walls of our classrooms!

Like I do with my kids …I asked the question: how do I hook in a bunch of teachers? Especially on a Tuesday afternoon when they probably would rather not be there?

So I went about writing a rap! That will be fun and give people a laugh … and hopefully have them thinking about the tool rather than what they were buying at the supermarket on the way home!

Here it is … if you want to check out the words (in some parts the video is a little unclear! The pauses meant it lost its flow a bit!)

Here is the video I asked Jemma to take … just thinking … we ask kids to step outside their comfort zone all the time so why shouldn’t I! This is MAJORLY stepping outside the zone of comfort … but hey … it was fun (even though I was shaking!). Hope you like it:)




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