Pursuing Punk

This was my 2016 #oneword (or two really). So how has it gone?


Since reflecting at the end of Term 1 things have plateaued off. #NZreadaloud has seen a couple more teachers get on board which is good. We are continuing to get interest from teachers around NZ who are keen to try #NZreadaloud next year. There are four staff members who actively use Twitter for professional development. I think there is some movement from some teachers towards personalising their classrooms. Attending #GAFE was valuable but I feel there is still a lot of unused potential (with the digital capabilities we have in our school) for collaborating and connecting with others… despite sharing Apps like Appearin.com and Google hangouts with colleagues.


Some sharing is happening which is good. It would be great to see this continue to build through the Google+ Community and get a few more getting on Twitter. The book chat was a success for myself and one or two others on staff, but mainly the discussion happened between our global PLN. Such a necessary book to read before innovation can spread. Sounds like there will be another attempt to use this book for PD using literature circle type discussions. 


The visual display continues to be pinned on the wall. The support plan is accessible to all staff members; I am unsure as to the extent it is used. We are preparing to add a tab on the school website which explains LearningMYway to the community so parents are informed about the changes in pedagogy happening in our school. We have used lots of student voice in this presentation. Term 4 saw us migrate to the ‘new block’ … the Innovative Learning Environment. LearningMYway was created for a space like this so needless to say the kids were in their element. Loads of spaces to design and make their own! A bit of a treat to end the year.


Here is where my real successes were. My learners who spent two years with me were true punk learners by the end of 2016. They knew what to do when they didn’t know what to do, they were self directed and managed themselves, their learning and their behaviour confidently. They thrived in our personalised classroom where we had built a culture of trust. Having embedded growth mindset beliefs into the culture of our classroom these learners were willing to take risks with their learning and had an understanding of learning in the pit. I am hopeful that these skills and understandings will benefit them as they move into High School.


The kids who spent 2016 in my classroom were definitely punk by the end! One of the BIGGEST successes was the student-led innovation of PlayDayMonDay. This came about when many (but especially ONE) student wanted to find a solution to hating Mondays! So PlayDayMonDay was born and what a success – the rest is history! My new kids learnt from the others how we rolled, the importance of the mantras, and the little things we did to build a caring, trusting culture. The year was AWESOME and it was sad to see them go … especially my kids I had guided for 2 years:(

So my learners were my success … and I am more than happy with this because they are our major stakeholders! They are why I do what I do.

Beautiful disruption through being punk will continue on a larger scale in 2017!

We are now in the ILE. It is called an Innovative Learning Environment so we have decided that this is what we will be … INNOVATIVE … on a big scale! The acronym gives us permission to be punk! We have some innovative things up the sleeve of our leather jacket! We are preparing to kick over some bins! We will be smashing learning up and it will be messy! We are free when we are away from the numbers – learning is too complex to hang a number on it! We plan to make learning memorable and relevant! If we have a punk (innovative) idea … we will just go and do it! We can … we are in an innovative learning environment … it is expected of us!      





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