After Week 6

It has been a few weeks between posts. There is a reason … it is busy! A lot has happened since my last post – both in terms of the learners in Muriwhenua AND for me professionally.

This post is about our learners and the learning.

In the last post we had just started #NZreadaloud. We are now into our third week which is half way. The book is providing many authentic learning opportunities (which is why we spend so long selecting the right story) and it has been really exciting watching some our learners move from being curious to intrinsic enough to go and find out stuff. We have had inquiries into Archie Baxter and his family, the phobia of speaking in public, Pacifism, conchies, ‘Field Punishment No.1’, what is organic food,  colours and what they represent not to mention the plethora of language features we have discussed and interpreted. Another thing which has been really exciting is having taught a group of learners how to use to connect with learners in the other classes who are participating in #NZreadaloud. Now we have this group of experts, they can now teach some of the other kids:) Also, having managed to set up seven students on Twitter and taught them how to use it, we now have a few experts who can spread the use of this tool also.

Our sketchnoting is developing nicely (just what we need to prepare the for Story Hui!)

The kids who are on love it … so we will push this out now with their help.

Plus a Google Hangout with Laura’s kids in Connecticut who have joined #NZreadaloud from the USA.

Sharing how Twitter can be used to connect with the authors as well as a tool to reflect and share has been a highlight – especially considering how these girls have ‘taken to it like ducks to water’!

This photo shows the research going on into the meanings which different colours can have. This inquiry was learner led and the kids were surprised at all the different meanings colours can have.

Lastly this little example of the language features which we are discussing and interpreting – fun stuff.

And all of that is just #NZreadaloud!

Loads of other cool stuff too … starting our korero on Growth Mindset.

A LearNZ Field Trip and some descriptive writing about our ‘Wild Self’

Loads of just in time teaching and learning.

The final thing to share is about our implementation of Mindfulness. Having decided that our space is so busy and energised for much of the day, we decided we would try Mindfulness as a way to bring some calm into our space especially after lunchtimes and P.E. lessons. We are using a programme called Calm Classrooms and after only a couple of sessions we have the kids commenting ‘Yesssssss’ when we have them enter the room at these times. We think this is an awesome addition to our day and having researched a little bit, there are other benefits also as well as creating a calm atmosphere.

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