After Term 2: in Bitmoji

So Term 2 is

My new co-teacher has completed her first 10 weeks in a classroom … an ILE to be specific! Although at the end we were

      and running on empty  we made it!

There were times when we    and things were   

and we would be like          . There were   moments and times were felt     .

There were other times that we didn’t have words for     and days we felt  

times we knew      and days where we were simply asking         .


But     what we are seeing in our learners is simply      . The kids are learning to  manage their    , be  with their timetables,

and knowing when to ask for    . We use lots of Growth Mindset statements like     and  .

The kids are learning that in Muriwhenua we want everyone to be  for themselves.

To Rochelle I say     and MAD    to you for joining us on this waka. Sometimes   .

We are     and often   . Keep bringing the   and    if there is anything I can do. I   to see what the next Term brings.


And one last thing …


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