RATIONALE: To meet the needs of 21st Century learners.

The Ministry of Education has released a report titled “Supporting future-orientated learning & teaching – a New Zealand perspective.”  This is an in-depth report on how teachers and schools need to adjust the way they do things to best support learners in the 21st Century.

There are 6 areas which are summarised in this report as a focus for change and which are the foundations for the ‘LearningMYway’ approach:

  • A culture of continuous learning for teachers: part of our role is to co-construct new approaches to meet changing needs. “An Inquiry Habit of Mind”.
  • Rethinking the roles of teachers and learners: learners and teachers working together, active participants in deciding what needs to be learnt, students can be the teacher.
  • Curriculum that uses knowledge to develop learning capacity: we need to know and understand the changes in the meaning for words like ‘knowledge’ and ‘learning’, collaborative knowledge building.
  • Personalised learning: reorganising classroom teaching, who are the learners? Be involved in the peer culture by including their worlds.
  • New views on Equity and Diversity: deeper than just ‘cultural’, taking into account ALL diversities which students bring to the classroom, seeing diversity as a strength not a weakness, preparing students to work WITH diversity
  • New kinds of relationships and Partnerships: need access to a wider range of resources and expertise, engage with the community

The 6 C's....

The 6 C’s….


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