LearningMYway is a pedogogy with four concepts at it core.


  • In a LearningMYway classroom students are provided with opportunities to ‘find agency’ and the teacher will guide students in their journey of self-directed learning. Tino Rangatiratanga * self-determination* is a vital component; student voice is valued and expected; students will create their own timetable with personalised tasks and make decisions about where and how to complete their learning.
  • In a LearningMYway classroom learners will develop a Growth Mindset. Through learning this they will develop a sense of confidence in themselves as life-long learners, a sense that it is okay to take risks, a sense that if something doesn’t work the first time I will try something else.
  • In a LearningMYway classroom students are taught to be metacognitive and use reflection to guide future learning. DIRT (Deliberate Improvement Reflection Time) is built-in to the timetable and is carried out in a variety of ways.
  • In a LearningMYway classroom students will be involved in collaborative learning opportunities and learn the power of sharing and co-constructing knowledge and understanding with their peers in the classroom and those we connect with by flattening the walls of our classroom.
  • In a LearningMYway classroom students will learn the importance of Digital Citizenship and the purpose and benefits of being a connected learner and part of a global learning community.
  • In a LearningMYway classroom students will be expected to THINK. They will be encouraged and guided to think critically and deeply; to be curious, to make connections between learning tasks, solve their own problems, prioritise, and use their initiative.
  • In a LearningMYway classroom students learn the ubiquitous nature of learning. Digital tools are seamlessly integrated into the pedagogy and learning can be carried out anywhere / anytime.
  • In a LearningMYway classroom teachers continually inquire into the effectiveness of teaching practice. Our reflection is always followed up with a new hypothesis and action taken to re-test our new ideas.


“Would I like to be a student in this class?”






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